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Framesi was founded in 1945 by Roberto Franchina who, initially with two partners, sold products ranging from talcum powder to brilliantine. Franchina then started to run the company on his own and moved into manufacturing - focusing in particular on hair care products - placing his laboratory in the hands of a pharmaceutical chemist. With time, Framesi expanded exponentially, gradually broadening its product range and reinforcing its nationwide sales network.

In 1970 Framesi branched into colorings, proposing "the Italian way to color", which soon conquered foreign markets, especially North America. The number of products grew to meet every type of hair's need and became increasingly specialized. The late Seventies saw the launch of Italian Style Framesi, an interdisciplinary group that studies the latest trends in social behavior and fashions and designs its pret-a-porter hairstyle collections accordingly. The group revolutionized hairdressing salons by providing hairstylists with an instrument that allows them to suggest a look that is sure to respond to their customers' needs.

Every six months, cuts, colors and hairstyles are renewed. They are presented along with educational material designed to help salon managers train their staff, and thus multiply the number of services they can offer. After the Seventies, Framesi changed its image. With the advent of a new generation of entrepreneurs, Fabio and Roberta Franchina, and a young management team, prepared to tackle an increasingly competitive market. They set up Italian Style Energy, a creative team that designs and realizes the most daring hair fashions. At the same time, the company became a multinational, offering top-quality product ranges, salon services, fashion, furnishings, fittings and accessories. Since the very beginning, all this has been exclusively addressed to the professional channel.