From time to time colours are retracted from the Framesi ranges and supplemented with new fresher colours, our educators with the support of Framesi Italy construct mixtures which can achieve the same colour as the reatracted colour so as to enable salons to meet customers needs.

Please feel free to show off your creations on our site, inspiration is in us all and we would love to see your creations.

Please feel free to contact Perfetto if you have requirements to achieve certain colours, the great benefit of the Framesi range is the ability to mix especially with the Framcolor 2001 range.



  1/2 7RP + 1/2 7TRP (EQUAL AMOUNTS)
8RN   1/2 7RN + 1/2 9RN (EQUAL AMOUNTS)
7.5G   1/2 7W + 1/2 7G (EQUAL AMOUNTS)
7.5SD   1/2 7SD + 1/2 8SD (EQUAL AMOUNTS)
8.5G   1/2 8W + 1/2 8NP (EQUAL AMOUNTS)
11C   15 grams 11A + 5 grams 9CC
9CP   15 grams 8CP + 5 grams US Plus



Framesi colourist Cindy from "Sassy Hair Design" wanted to share another sensational Glamour result. These are before and after photos of Cindy's creation

Clients Natural Level : 100% Grey

Glamour Formulas Used :

Foils: Glamour 7.56 + 20Vol Act

All Over Colour : 40gms 5 plus 40gms 5.52 + 20Vol Act

Result: 100% coverage of grey and true to colour chart reflects.



When formulating Glamour, it is not necessary to add base series to reflect series as Framesi has already pre-mixed this for you.

However because of the vibrance of the reflect colour chosen, and that it was being applied to 100% grey then the reflect would be too flourescent for the client.

This is why in this instance, Cindy added the base level 5.

Another brilliant result of Framesi Protective Coverage Technology.