Welcome to Perfetto's technical area, the information based in the technical section is to assist hairdressers so as to achieve the best results when using Framesi products as well as covering the areas involved in daily hairdressing.

Framesi's technical and marketing videos are on our official You Tube site, please click the link YOU TUBE or click the YOU TUBE ICON at the top of this page.


Perfetto has designed TRAINING COURSES to suit all needs though focus is based more towards Framesi Products to ensure hairdressers achieve the best results and ensure the high standards that Framesi have set.

Visit our training page for upcoming courses and training material.


From time to time colours will be ceased due to popularity and we have created MIXTURES for customers who still have a requirement for these colours.

Plus exciting colours that are not part of the normal range.

Common questions that hairdressers have will be found on our Technical FAQ's page, feel free to get involved and inform us of any material that you feel will benefit others.

TRAINING material is available to downloadf from our technical area, just click on the following link TECHNICAL AREA.

Use the training material to gain a better understanding and foundation to your knowledge.