Perfetto Sales provides invaluable training for new and experiienced hairdressers throughout Australia to ensure they understand the concepts of Framesi Colour and other aspects of the Framesi Range from the SILIS Straightening System to retail products.

Our Technical Educator has many years experience training hairdressers and backed by a wealth of knowledge with the Framesi foundation of products.

Perfetto's training can be anything from personalised training on certain aspects of a product like a colour range to specifically designed courses to ensure all facets of the product are delivered to ensure a full understanding.

Training can also be delivered in the customers salon or home salon or even at dedicated locations to suit the requirements.

Framesi produces world class products and our only wish is that people educate themselves to use these products in a correct and professional way to ensure confidence and fantastic results

If you require any training on our products then please contact our office on (02) 402 86 333.



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